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Apple HomePod Mini

What it offers and all of its glory.

Would you believe us if we told you could have 360-degree sound for less than $100? Well, you CAN with the Apple HomePod Mini.

For just $99 the speaker offers you crisp 360-degree sound wherever you are. The best part is, you get a multiroom feature! Get one for each of your rooms, connect them and BOOM- Surround sound for your home.

Intercom allows you to send and receive messages from one HomePod Mini to other Apple devices. Once connected to each other, you can communicate to other rooms. Example: “Hey Siri, announce upstairs ‘The movie is starting.'”

You can also use Siri for other tasks like setting alarms, putting important dates in your calander, check the weather and so many more. Apart from all these amazing features, you can connect your device to your smart home appliances.

BONUS: Apple is offering 6 months FREE of Apple Music when you purchase your new device

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Do you love expressing yourself in yours space? The apple device comes with 5 color options! You can choose from Space Grey, Yellow, Orange, Blue and white.

What are the people saying about it?

The Verge is ranking the speaker at a 7.5/10 and What Hi-Fi is ranking it at a solid 5/5!

Overall, the HomePod Mini is an amazing Apple product to add to any space.

Where to buy them?

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