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Why AntiVirus on a Mac is important.

Why should you buy an Antivirus for a Mac?

Mac computers are not insusceptible to viruses and malware. Mac computers don’t automatically come with an Antivirus installed. In 2012 Apple stated “we don’t get viruses”. Hackers immediately shifted their focus away from Windows PCs and got to work on Mac computers. Since then, viruses on a Mac computer have increased by 61% from 2019 -2020.

Apple softwares rely mostly on identifying and tagging malware/ viruses. The issue is, Apple is not a security oriented company. Third party antivirus products do a much better job at keeping track of cyber threats, as it is their job to.

Not having an Antivirus installed for your Mac increases your risks for malware and supplies hackers with more attractive targets for cybercriminals. We most definately do not want that.

So how do we fix this?

Simple, buy an Antivirus for your mac. Preventing is always cheaper than fixing. Think of it like an insurance policy. You buy insurance to make sure that if anything happens, you are safe and secure from threats. Can’t forget how expensive it is to repair things after an accident. That’s why you want to prevent any cyber attacks on your computer.

Which Antivirus should you buy for a Mac?

From previous experiences with Antiviruses for Macs, we have found the best one yet is the Bitdefender Endpoint Security.

In 2018, they won the AV-TEST Awards! They offer FREE TRIALS which is awesome for someone who wants to shop arround and see which they like is better.

What does Bitdefender provide for your Mac?

A Comprehensive approach

Functionally manage your file serves, desktops, laptops, physical and virtual machines with just one end point, AND IT’S AFFORDABLE.

Advanced machine learning

Safeguard your organization against the most sophisticated cyberthreats with 30+ layers of machine learning-driven security technologies.

Ransomware Protection

Expand your anti-ransomware capabilities with multiple layers working together for prevention, detection and remediation
Bitdefender Dashboard

How to know if your Mac is affected by viruses?

  • Ads and pop-ups: While not online is a sign of a virus.
  • Slow speed in your Mac: The speed of your computer is running slower than usual, check for viruses.
  • Programs that you didn’t install or recoginize: If you see new program icons appear and you haven’t downloaded any new ones, that is a huge sign for viruses.
  • Browser taking you to different sites: When you are on your browser and it redirects you to a site you have never visited or heard of, you may have a virus.

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