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Make your network faster.

There’s no such thing as a “network that is too fast”. How do you get that super fast speed is the question here, and we have the answers!

There are 3 effecient ways of obtaining faster speed.

1) Purchase a new router/switch

When is the last time your router was upgraded? Having an older model router can cause slower network connections. Cisco Meraki came out with a next generation Wifi router called “Wi-fi 6E”. It offers a new clearer spectrum to support new devices, “ethernet cable -like” connection and data defined networking.

Switching your router could be the difference between a good network connection and a great one.

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2) Replace your network cables

On average, cables only last about 5-10yrs. It is advised that they are changed every 5yrs to prevent any loss of performance or degradation. Quick tip: when buying a new cable, add a small label stating the date it was purchased.

Making sure you have the right cable management for your network performance is key to a stable/ fast connection.

Purchase your new network cables at Novbox! Don’t see what you need? Contact us today and we will find what ever it is you need.

3) Install new Wifi Access Points

Installing new Wifi Access Points expands network coverage and provides reliable, secure Wifi. Access points are made for both indoor and outdoor coverage. With access points you can prioritize bandwidth, set usage limits and block unwanted websites. Cisco Meraki has an access point that comes with an app for easy access wher ever you are.

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We want to help your business run as smooth as possible. Fix your slow network connections today with any of these 3 solutions. Want more options? We have those too, just give us a call.

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