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Microsoft Support Las Vegas

Microsoft Support Las Vegas

Over 730,000 businesses in the US use Microsoft 365! Join today and see why Microsoft is the #1 software used by businesses!

Service Support

Here at NovBox our goal is to deliver top tier operational efficency for your business. How do we do that?

Our Microsoft service support team helps you choose the ideal plan for what your business uses from our 3 business plans.

Create a custom Email for your business today. Never miss an email, appointment, meeting, Etc by syncing all of your data in one place to easily have access wherever you are!

With Microsoft Teams, it is easier than ever to network with your team. Use your time wisely accross all departments using Microsoft Teams.

Teams give you the oppurtuniy to:

  • Share screens and documents
  • Make quick chats
  • Assess video/audio calls.

SharePoint allows you to keep all of your documents managed and stored in one place. SharePoint is exeptionally configurable!

The possibilites are endless with Microsoft 365.

Solutions for your business.

What does NovBox being a Microsoft Partner mean to you and your business? We have the skills and devotion in offering the best solutions to our customers, making your business run as smooth as possible with new innovational technologies and reliable softwares.

Call us for a Consultation Today!

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Mobile office

Wherever you go, your office goes with you. Work from anywhere, on any device. Retrieve your Microsoft Office from any mobile phone, tablet or PC. It’s as simple as logging into your portal and you have everything you need at your finger tips!


Share office allows you and others to edit documents together. Skype allows you to be with anyone at any time. You can host a meeting from anywhere!


Microsoft does an amazing job with keeping all of your emails, documents and personal information safe from any threats.

Let Microsoft worry about security while you focus on your business.


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